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Coordinate Converter

Latitude, Longitude <=> UTM
:: Enter the coordinates in only one of the columns below ::
Latitude, Longitude Global
° ' "
° ' "
° '
° '
Ex:28 R
Remeber Zone
Datum Remember
The Datum is needed to convert to or from UTM.
(Most commonly used Datum: WGS-84)
No Zone letter?
use N for north or
S for south of the equator.


:: Welcome to the Coordinate Converter Tool ::


You can use this tool to convert your coordinates from Latitude, Longitude to UTM and vise versa.

This tool is only the first building block of what would hopefully be a very cool free online service where users can store, share and exchange GPS information (waypoints, routes, and tracks). To be notified of further development please subscribe to the notification list.

The conversion tool is pretty self explanatory, but in case you need help here's all the details.


  • Enter the coordinates in the appropriate format column.
  • You can have the site remember your N/S and E/W setting by checking the Remember box instead of entering them every time.
  • The Datum setting can also be Remembered if you're regularly using a datum other than the default WGS-84. But remember to reset it once going back to using the global WGS-84 datum.
  • UTM Zones can also be Remembered but always check while entering coordinates since zones change much more frequently than hemispheres. Especially if you're working around the zone border. It's not advisable to use this feature but it's there for those who know what they're doing.
  • Cookies must be enabled in you browser for the Remeber function to work.
  • The range of the entered values will be checked by your browser's JavaScript while entering the data.
  • Click Submit and the conversion engine will first make sure that you supplied all the needed information for the conversion before presenting you with the results.
  • If any errors where found you will be taken back to this form and the errors explained. The form will be filled with the values you submitted so that you can correct them in light of the error messages.
New Features Notification
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Discuss this tool
I moderate the Navigation forum at Horizons Unlimited. Drop by and share your insight about this converter and other navigation related issue.

Datum FAQ
Latitude, Longitude FAQ
Usage FAQ

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Note:: These are minimal FAQs answering questions related to the conversion process.

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