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Welcome to the Navigation Center of OasisPhoto.com, home of the ultimate Coordinate Converter tool. I will be regularly adding online tools and enhancing the functionality of existing ones. Join the Newsletter to be notified of additions and modifications.
Online Tools

UTM to Latitude/Longitude coordinate converter supporting 23 datum.
Intuitive and easy to use, error checking, preferences saving and help.

Reading Meterial
Datum FAQ
A minimal FAQ explaining what Datum are, there importance and how to use them.
Map Reading and Land Navigation (PDF 11,149 kb ZIP)
Field Manual No. 21-26, Department of the Army Headquarters Washington DC , 7 May 1993
Good book explaining map reading and navigation principles and techniques from scratch. The UTM system explained in this book is the NATO version which is different than the Regular UTM system we all use.

The American Practical Navigator: An Epitome of Navigation (PDF 17,319 kb ZIP)
By Nathaniel Bowditch, LL.D. 1995 Edition
A book that's been in a work in progress since 1802 and is considered must have for all marine navigators.Originally by Nathaniel Bowditch, now updated by the US Government. The book is simply known as "Bowditch”.

Desert Expeditions (PDF 1,331 kb opens in new window)
By Tom Sheppard, MBE, ARPS 3rd Edition, June 1988.
Focuses on desert expedition preparation but has some desert navigation tips and tricks. Electronic navigation equipment info is outdated.
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Navigation Talk
I moderate the Navigation forum at Horizons Unlimited. Drop by and share your insight about this converter and other navigation related issue.

Datum FAQ
Latitude, Longitude FAQ
Usage FAQ

Note:: These are minimal FAQs answering questions related to the conversion process.

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